Nectar & Root is a Vermont wedding florist drenched in luxurious flowers that smell like heaven. Picture wedding flower arrangements that you’ll want to remember forever with your beau. Imagine floral designs that feel alive and that make your heart flutter. Let’s do this.

Everyone is welcome here. Love is love. Everybody’s love story deserves to be celebrated and decorated beautifully. We are inclusive of all races, sexual orientations, gender identities, body sizes, disabilities, ages, languages, religions, and ethnicities.

Cultivating over one hundred species of flowers selected and updated over time to suit her aesthetic and favorite color palettes, owner Erin Ostreicher (she/her) is truly living her childhood dreams.

Each design is born from a studio nestled in an 1840s farmhouse with Stowe Pinnacle ten miles to the South and flower gardens just a step outside.

Would you like to find a wedding florist who is an artist, able to spin your inklings into something golden and hallowed?

Are you interested in supporting an environmentally conscious, socially responsible, woman-owned business who also happens to create exquisite work?

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hello, i'm erin
an artful vermont wedding florist

I've wanted to be a wedding florist since I was in the first grade. I oftentimes pinch myself to make sure this beautiful professional career is real and not just a daydream.

I have homes in the Burlington area and in the Stowe area, grew up in Connecticut and Rhode Island, and I happily travel throughout New England for Nectar & Root.

I am a virgo through and through, and when my feet aren't planted firmly in the soil I try to go swimming in a stream or ocean at least twice a week in the summer.

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A bride holding a modern bridal fall bridal bouquet of dried flowers in a warm dusty neutral color palette in the sunshine by Nectar and Root, Vermont wedding florist.


I lead a team of inclusive, anti racist flower lovers who help to create and deliver Vermont wedding flower decorations that range from a single blade of grass entwined around a napkin, to a full overhead installation of floating flowers.

I do especially love to make bridal bouquets though; all shapes and sizes, simple gestures or as complex as a tapestry. My bouquets are gifts from my heart.

Each collection of flowers personifies the day when they were picked, the place of their growth, and both nature and love itself in a handful of something fragrant and shimmering and entirely special.

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