Creating exquisite bridal bouquets and bridesmaids bouquets is our favorite aspect of floral design. We aim to keep the design process fluid and creative, letting the flowers take the lead for us in many ways while always starting with a foundation of highest quality, hand chosen, unique and authentic ingredients.

For example, the heavy bobbing head of a rose may want to stay lower in a bouquet because it feels more natural that way, rather than trying to prop it up by stretching its neck against gravity.

Meanwhile a light, feathery, tiny daisy may feel squished and look uncomfortable if mushed deep alongside this rose, but it would appear at home floating above as a sprinkle on top. It’s all about finding a natural balance, while also considering depth (and many other things, too).

Flowers held in the hand have been a token of love for centuries. Wedding flower bouquets will always be a photographer’s focus when capturing the periphery details and decorations of the day.

Lately Erin has been loving designs that feel slightly more contained, with fewer ingredients, less foliage, and plenty of movement.

On the other hand, rambling bunches with tons of leaves and a myriad of different flower ingredients will also never go out of style, nor will petite trimmed posies. So if you’d like your bridal bouquet or your bridesmaid bouquets to feel any of these ways, we are definitely excited about these options too.

All things considered, we always seek to create work that is exemplary of the style and aesthetic you’ll find throughout our website such as here and on social media. While we love editorial flowers that fill a frame with abundance, we are also careful not to overwhelm our clients or their beautifully chosen clothes unless we have direct orders to go wild.

Many of our couples have chosen to dry or press their bouquets to save afterwards as a lasting detail. We are always happy to point out which flowers are best for drying upside down, which can be pressed, and of course the names of each flower type that has been chosen. Just let us know!

We are also honored to incorporate family heirlooms into your florals, whether it be a special pin from a grandmother, a tiny locket with a photo of someone dearly missed, or the scrap of another wedding dress (or your own) for something borrowed.

We are moved when these little pieces make their way around the stems we have so carefully arranged, truly transporting the moment into something so much bigger than what we could ever make on our own.

Regardless of what we incorporate, clients will receive each bouquet pre-bound and refreshed in water, with individual vases keeping things hydrated and prepped for your ceremony as a focal point for your wedding’s floral design.

One last note: of late, Erin has been especially excited to create bouquets that have quite a bit of movement to them. Think wispy stems, trailing tendrils, and petals that flutter with each step.

She feels that this movement helps to make each bouquet feel more alive, and that it enhances the portrait photography process as well. We hope you will agree.