seasonal wedding flowers

from our garden to your hands

Although covid has not been the easiest time, what it has afforded our businesses more of is simply time itself.

Time to reflect, literally bask in the sun, and to plant seeds if, for no other reason than to enjoy watching the flowers grow and bloom before ending up in floral designs made purely for art itself sequestered away on a kitchen table or bathroom sink to smell and look lovely for a few sweet hours.

The garden in 2020 served mostly as an unexpected selfish enjoyment; a sort of daily practice of scratching out the passing of days in the dirt, in quiet, during what was originally planned to be a very busy summer of go-go-go. In the background beyond the rows of nasturtium and poppies were many moments of getting to go swimming when it was warm out, drying on rocks near the brush and seeing the types of iris and grasses, asters and wild dogwood that grew naturally all around.

This forced resting period gave way to confirming our long held philosophy on wedding flowers that goes something like this: our client’s favorite floral designs across social media and at each wedding start with ingredients that are as pure and authentic as possible and that are made with as close to total creative freedom as can be allowed. In essence, we and our wedding couples are searching for floral elements of beautiful surprises, of artistic surrender to seasonality in nature, and that feel real and a bit unconventional.

To that end, we have tripled our growing production for 2021 at our new studio base, and doubled down on our efforts in the garden. We have plans to help clients embrace the seasons in new and beautiful ways, and to incorporate even more foraging to make use of what is all around. Through this, we aim to continue creating seasonal floral design work that is bountiful, abundant, and a bit magical.

We hope that you, too, are interested in taking a journey with us into something beautifully true and authentic. While we will always have a soft spot reserved for some imported blooms, or a whim to experiment with the splash of tropical leaves or a crinkling of dyed ferns here and there, what seems to move us most are the following seasonal blooms found right here in the budding gardens of Nectar & Root, which are expanding greatly in the new year: