portfolio work

Thank you for visiting our portfolio page! After ten years of loving floral design, we have built up a large body of work spanning many locations, collaborations, and what seems like lifetimes, too.

What you see here is a snippet of what we currently feel is our most relevant floral design projects, in which all of the many parts chosen by our wedding couples and presented through our supportive vendors, have come together to create something that feels resonant with our preferred style of work and our brand.

These projects feature some of our most favorite photographers, at venues that we particularly connect with. At the heart of each feature are couples who embody what we love most in weddings: authenticity, a bit of wildness, and lots of unabashed love.

You can also find some of our most recent work on our instagram account. On instagram Erin focuses on intimate details and experimentation, highlighting favorite flowers and combining her new photography skills with a love for fashion and for interior design. As time progresses we hope to share more of our new studio, gardens, and Erin’s new home in snippets on Instagram as well.

We love instagram as a way to share kernels of ideas that can be expanded into full weddings or used as a jumping off point for a feeling, palette or time of year. Oftentimes it is easier to share these fine details in our controlled studio, in which all of the supporting visual elements can also be composed by Nectar & Root: photography, setting, fashion, and more.

We still aim to make each wedding unique, creative and of the moment. We hope that these are the elements we can best use as inspiration for your future event: the spirit of seasonal flowers and of something that is a bit of a surprise.

our featured vendors

If you have a hankering to see something specific that you can’t find online on our website or on Instagram, such as a wedding we have done at your venue of choice, a certain installation or centerpiece style that you can’t find here, or anything else, just let us know and we will look through our full offline portfolio to see what we can provide for you.

We also encourage you to ask about any other vendors you may see featured within each portfolio piece. As mentioned before, we truly believe that something magical happens when the right team is able to all work together for a special wedding.

To that end, we are happy to make recommendations for photography, videography, stationery, hair, makeup, planning, event rentals, attire, and dessert as we believe all of these artists play an important role in building a cohesive visual aesthetic at a wedding.

As part of our floral design service to you, we can help match you with suggested vendors based on your aesthetic as well as your personalities and needs.

We hope that you have enjoyed viewing this portfolio collection!

Check back for updates and enjoy dropping into our instagram for further inspiration, too.

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