Beyond bouquets and personals, wedding flower decorations can include floral arrangements for your ceremony as well as wedding flower reception decorations.

We can create low, lush centerpieces, an eclectic collection of botanical bud vases, runners of greenery with a smattering of candles and blooms, ceremony arches or overhead installations to name a few things covered under the categories of wedding flower table arrangements and wedding flower centerpieces. 

Nectar and Root will approach decorating your wedding with the most impact as possible using our design aesthetic and our knowledge of how guests experience a wedding day from start to finish.

Our most recent excitement has centered around creating as much abundance as possible using as many local, seasonal and foraged blooms as we can. We have been favoring single centerpieces (12″ x 12″ for round tables, and 12″ x 3-4′ long for rectangular tables) over bud vases (they knock over easily and feel less modern) or garland centerpieces (they feel overdone to us at this time).

We have been enjoying using vases in clear glass, white or raw terra cotta materials, all of which seem to gently enhance our designs while still feeling fresh, classic and fitting for any wedding setting.

We can’t ignore the beauty of tall tapered candles, but Nectar & Root has been favoring pillar candles as of late for their sculptural feel and sturdiness. Clear glass holders as an unfussy ode to timeless elegance seems to always feel right, while lanterns can have their place elsewhere off of tables.

When afforded, beeswax candles look and smell delicious throughout the night. Their ochre color matches the pollen inside of many blooms that we love to use, such as cosmos, garden roses and peonies. We also find that other unique types of candles can help to enhance centerpieces in so many ways.

To accompany centerpieces, we love to mix velvet or natural linen tablecloths. Even cotton with a hemstitch border can be beautiful. While we have loved farm tables, we think that a fully covered table can look clean and formal in a good way while also giving more opportunity to play with daring or impactful color choices than wood alone.

We also love to create ceremony arbors, large-scale ceremony urns, aisle installations, place card table displays, napkin accents, cocktail table decorations, bar flowers, cake accents, tent entryway installations, lounge table accents, floral chandeliers, and whatever else we can dream up for your enjoyment.

As far as installations go, our favorite large-impact act is to install live trees, freshly cut from the Vermont forest, on tent entryway poles (or indoors if you have the clearance). We can choose from a number of different species depending on what is in season and looking best that week for your wedding day.

For cake flowers in particular, we favor a simple topping on the upper most layer for a clean presentation, and love to mix berries on top as well if they fit the color palette that we are using. Pressed flowers, decorating sugared cookies or the like, also look unique and beautiful.

As you can see from these descriptions, we find that with centerpieces, ceremony flowers and reception decorations the key is to mix large scale with tiny details when possible. It helps to create a dimensional experience and a well planned wedding design.

We hope that you enjoy these ideas! We encourage you to reach out and discuss things more with us, if you have any specific ideas or areas of your reception and ceremony that you would particularly like to focus on.