wedding flower costs

your investment in our small business

It important to consider the overall wedding budget when thinking about your wedding flower costs. It makes sense to plan a budget holistically while looking at the overall whole, so that investments can play off of one another in a balanced way while still allowing yourself to splurge, when possible, on the things that you and your family are the most excited about.

When it is time for your consultation, we ask that you come to us with a budget in mind. Having at least a general range to start with, even if it evolves slightly, will make the most use of our collective time together during the beginning process while being sensitive to your goals.

We almost always work backwards from what your initial budgetary goals are, as we don’t feel it’s appropriate for us to dictate to you what your personal budget should be. If we feel there is a big jump between what you are looking for and what your budget is, we can come up with useful solutions to help keep you in budget or educate you as to why you may want to spend a bit more if it is within reason to you financially, in order to get what you truly wanted from the beginning.

In many ways, establishing a budget and helping to illustrate how many things, and in what sizes, we can fit into that picture is the most important first step in working together. From there, it’s all down to the fun stuff!

It’s also important to remember that your budget is an investment that will support a team of creatives and other local farms and businesses that we in turn purchase from to make your wedding as beautiful as possible.

We encourage you to consider your wedding flower costs in this light, and we thank you for your support.

bridal bouquet costs

For brides, a bridal bouquet cost can range just as much as a wedding dress investment, however it always includes a corresponding ribbon and vase. When considering a bride's bouquet budget we like to highlight any flowers that may have special meaning to our clients. Our standard bouquet specs are approximately 12-24"l x 12"w x 10-12"h. We usually choose the top 10-20% of flowers from each bunch that we are working with for our bridal bouquets, picking the nicest and most interesting individual flowers. One bridal bouquet generally takes two to three hours to create from start to finish.

wedding flower decoration costs

When looking at the big picture, wedding flower decorations cost anywhere from 10% to 15% of an overall wedding budget on average. A wedding flower decorations budget can depend on the number of guests, the size of the wedding party, and any specialty installations we are creating for your big day. For this reason, we may make suggestions to scale up or scale back items such as your reception table decorations, as the wedding flower centerpieces cost is something that can vary based on if we create simple collections of bud vases as opposed to tall branching arrangements at your many tables.